Twitter user claims he was sacked after admitting depression

Dan Martin
Former editor
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An employee has claimed on Twitter that he was sacked by a small business after he informed his boss that he was suffering from depression.

The tweeter, known as @badlydrawnroy, posted on the social network saying: "Dear Twitter, I just opened up to my boss about my depression and she's indicated she might have to fire me. Erm, help?". He then added: "'We're a small company, there's no room for passengers.' My boss after I told her about my depression and how I'm getting help with it."

He later posted that he had indeed been fired and tweeted a link to his dismissal letter.

"It is with regret that we must terminate your contract with COMPANY NAME, due to non-performance," the letter said.

"As discussed with your line manager, ***** ******, on several occasions, there has been a lack of activity resulting in lack of business and an unacceptable future business pipeline.

"Roy, we do not take these decisions lightly but as you admitted yourself, you have been unable to pick up the phone and make calls lately and, as a small business, we cannot continue to pay a salesman a salary when no sales are forecast."

Several other tweeters responded to @badlydrawnroy's tweets including politician Louise Mensch who said: "if you have only been at work 3 months there may not be much she [his MP] can do."

The Twitter account for mental health awareness campaign Time To Change also responded. It said: "Following @badlydrawnboy's tweets has shown the importance of our antidiscimination campaign. Get involved to #endstigma."


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By Spikey2011
19th Jan 2012 11:21

I am astonished that they used admitted depression as a grounds for terminating a contract.

I go through heavy bouts of depression and it has been part of my working life rather like my dyslexia but to consider it a severe hinderence is rubbish.

I think this stands as a common example of the lack of understanding to these conditions and failure to understand that you can work with and around them without any hinderence to the business.

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