Entrepreneurs' New Year's resolutions

Dan Martin
Former editor
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As part of our My Business in 2012 project, we asked small busines owners to share their resolutions for 2013. Here are the best responses. To share your hopes and dreams for the New Year, post a comment or tweet using #MyBusinessIn2012.

"To build a strong team around me who can help move toward realising the company vision. To champion enterprising kids across the world. To inspire, encourage, and support parents and educators in their crucial role of developing children’s entrepreneurial potential."
Lorraine Allman, Enterprising Child

"To be brave and dare to be different. We want to break from the norm, try new systems, new software and different approaches, which will give us stronger USPs, effectiveness and help us stand out."
Nick Moore, We Trade It

"To have a much tighter control on the finances in all areas of my business and to start building a cash surplus ready for future expansion."
Andrew West, Obsidian Wellness SL

"To stay creative, stay true to our vision and grow an amazing team."
Josh Davidson, Night Zookeeper

"Managing is made easier by having the right metrics to measure. But behind each metric is a bunch of people: our customers. My resolution is to make sure I don't lose sight of that."
Ed Molyneux, Freeagent

"To slow down - just a little, be kinder to myself and to stop to recognise my achievements."
Kate Gover, Lahloo Tea

"Build, evidence, build some more."
Jane Whitham, Cream Consultancy

"Grow, grow, grow. Invest in ourselves and our people and listen to those around us."
Gary Howard, C.P.D.M.S.

"To keep the foot on the gas and grow, but profitably only!"
Andrew Chalmers, Ballard Chalmers

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