If they could start 2012 again, what would entrepreneurs do differently?

Dan Martin
Former editor
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As part of our My Business in 2012 project, we asked BusinessZone.co.uk members what they would do if they could start the year again. Here are the best answers. To share your own experiences, tweet using #MyBusinessIn2012.

"As a new business it's tempting to take on work even if it's not right for you or your business. We only made this mistake once but if I was to start 2012 again, I'd have the confidence and courage to say 'sorry, but this relationship is never going to work. Good luck with your search.'"
Jane Whitham, Cream Consultancy

"I would have taken more time to investigate the best web design companies. Being an online business, it is imperative that the look and feel of the website fits into our brand identity, but also that the backend of the website can cope with demand during busy periods. We had a few hiccups earlier this year, which could have been ironed out more quickly if we had been on a different platform."
Caroline Stanbury, Gift Library

"Look at different ways to find investment: not only focusing on private equity, but working more closely with private wealth."
Alexandre Wentzo, Casewise

"Fully understand and get to grips with accounts. For a small sole trader moving from employment to self-employment, it is so complicated to understand your rights from a tax point of view. The letters you get can be very scary when you don't know what you should be doing and what the consequences are!"
Janet Bebb, Social Progress

"I would have spent a little more time on building a team to work with me at the same time as focusing on getting the business launched."
Lorraine Allman, Enterprising Child

"Not listen to all the negative economic views available in the media. If you have a good idea and believe in it, do it, regardless of how things are economically. If we all took note of what we read in our chosen daily news source, the economy would be in worse state than it is now." 
Nick Moore, We Trade It

"Took a much tighter control of the finances and expanded to what we know rather than what we thought. It has really hit cashflow." 
Andrew West, Obsidian Wellness SL

"Focus on what I'd love to create rather than what I felt I needed to do, say 'no' more, take care of myself better, and get more energy."
Barry Holmes, Zoom Creates

If you could re-start 2012, what would you do differently? Post a comment below.

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By Richard Lane
03rd Apr 2013 10:26

For many businesses I believe one of the things they would try to to right would be to take more of an forward thinking stance towards mobile marketing and mobile commerce. This also applies to the growing integration between social media, e-commerce and mobile commerce.

Richard Lane, director at durhamlane, specialising in IT sales training and sales coaching

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