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Meet the smart dashboard from 9 Spokes - it lets you see your business more clearly, so it’s easier to make the big decisions.

9 Spokes is a new free tool that connects your business apps into one place, revealing key metrics across different areas of your business. See your gross profit alongside your sales by day, or your email campaign performance alongside your top selling products, and more.

Having that simple view of how your business is performing means you can save time and have the data to hand to make easier decisions.

It’s free to join 9 Spokes and get a smart dashboard. Simply connect your existing business apps like your accounting, marketing, people or social media apps and more. Or if you’re looking for more apps to help manage your business, you'll be able to view the recommended selection of apps for your industry.  Sign up to get your free dashboard now, and see your business in a whole new light.

By signing up you are accepting the 9 Spokes terms & conditions.

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