VIDEO: Campaigners show why micro-firms matter in eight hour broadcast

Dan Martin
Former editor
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Britain's smallest businesses were celebrated today (9 January) with a day-long online video broadcast featuring entrepreneurs and other business experts.

Organised by support network Enterprise Rockers, MicroBizMattersDay focuses on companies employing under nine staff and the value the bring to the economy.

Despite making up the majority of all firms in the UK, Enterprise Rockers co-founders Tony Robinson and Tina Boden say they are not well represented in terms of support from government and other organisations.

To showcase micro firms, Robinson and Boden joined forces with software company Sage One and Google to run a series of live interviews. Among those who took part was BusinessZone editor Dan Martin, who also runs a micro-business. He featured earlier in the day and you can watch it here.

Watch all the videos here:

Robinson said: "The recent VAT MOSS debacle; high costs of doing business because of energy, transport and telecoms; managing red tape; unfair payment terms and government financial support to bigger businesses, demonstrates how important levelling the business playing field is.
"We have to help ourselves as we can't influence change through the £2bn lobbying industry. We can help each other to win more customers, buy from each other, improve cash flow and advise each other on how to keep going. That’s what #MicroBizMatters Day, on 9 January, is all about.
Boden added: "Some Rockers have described it as the micro biz social media equivalent of Live Aid. By each micro business owner giving nine minutes to help each other on 9 January we hope that the prospects of survival and growth for hundreds of thousands of us will be improved."


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