Video: StartUp Britain - The founders in conversation

Dan Martin
Former editor
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StartUp Britain, a private sector-led campaign to boost enterprise, launched with a wave of publicity this week. Many people welcomed the initiative but others reacted negatively. We attended the launch at Microsoft's central London HQ and got the lowdown from five of the founders.

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By kevpartner
30th Mar 2011 12:05

This campaign is nothing more than a series of links (many to sponsors' websites) and promotional coupons (many for the sponsors' companies). Forgive my cynicism as I don't doubt that some of the sponsors are genuine but they're all going to make money out of the coupon offers. What a wonderful promotional opportunity for these enterpreneurs. They get government publicity for coupons that drive traffic to their own sites out of which they will make a profit! I don't get anything free from Glasses Direct, I have to spend money with them (just, perhaps, a little less than I otherwise might have done - although there are better offers on their home page available to all).

Perhaps this is inevitable when private enterprise gets involved but, in that case, they should be upfront about it. There is very little of use here and nothing that couldn't be found on other sites. There's absolutely no original content. Say what you like about BusinessLink, there's plenty of content on that site.

I could have knocked that site up in a weekend by gathering a few links and adding affiliate offers- at least that would have been honest.

 Oh, and I STILL haven't received my free ebook.



-- Kevin Partner

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By mjgibson
30th Mar 2011 13:05

After the crime (and I mean the word in its literal sense) of spending £35 million a year on the Business Link website (and big corporates Serco and BT) we've now got this appalling excuse of a site for start-ups.

A concoction of links, all of which exclude other businesses in the same space (some much better than those listed) and could actually deny work to the very same small businesses this site is supposed to support, it's simply appalling.

Wonder what opportunity there is for small businesses to dodge UK tax like main backers Google, Microsoft and Barclays?

We need business people in government and not inheritance-rich career politicians who have no idea what it's like to work hard for a living, take risks and employ people.


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By michellecarvillcreative
01st Apr 2011 13:25

Errr - isn't this initiative a tad 'self enterprising' on the 'partners' perspective'.  They are giving vouchers and coupons to THEIR services - most of which are readily available online anyway.

I was hugely enthused when I heard about Start Up Britain - as to date I'm not aware of ONE genuine organisation or group which focuses on helping start ups or entrepreneurs.  I hear what Lord Sugar says - that businesses shouldn't rely on others to get started - and I largely agree with that, one goes into business and the reality is blood, sweat and tears.  However, don't start initiatives that profess to do something which they don't.  We're not idiots - be transparent and tell it like it is - or best not to say anything at all. 


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